Ellen Willoughby set up All about Quality to help small businesses make full use of the potential of Quality Management standards and methods. With her upbeat and friendly approach to quality, All About Quality has gone in recent years from strength to strength.  However, her journey in business like many others hasn’t always been plain sailing.  Happily, things are much improved and to tell you more, here’s Ellen.

You can visit the All About Quality site via http://www.allaboutquality.co.uk and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tell us about you and how All About Quality started…

About 7 years ago I fell ill and my 3 year contract for my job in the charity sector was not going to be renewed due to lack of funding. I wasn’t well enough to work on the corporate treadmill again, so I decided to set up my own consultancy ‘All About Quality’ part-time. My health is now better, and I am working full time in my business.

What do you like about working for yourself and helping companies and other organisations out ?

I love being able to choose who to work with. All my clients have a passion for improvement, and I give them the structure for doing just that by implementing ISO9001 for them.

Where does your work take you, and what are your clients like ?

I like to work with local businesses where possible to save on petrol (thinking of the environment!). However, I have had clients all over the UK. Small business owners are unique, as are their businesses. Working with such a variety means life is never dull and you get to learn an awful lot from them.

What are your plans for the future ?

Now I am well enough to work full-time, I imagine life is going to be very busy in the near future! My All About Quality business now includes services such as delivering training for ISO9001 as well as managing all my current clients. I am also going to be creating online courses for my new venture ‘All About Productivity‘, to help individuals on the web improve their productivity.

Describe Starjammer Internet’s part in developing your website and what you like about it.

I needed a website quickly, as my previous website had been hacked and I had basically lost it. Andy and Steven at Starjammer worked very fast to build me a new presence online that was more secure to help stop the issue happening again. The website looks professional and does the job perfectly.


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